Friday, July 22, 2011

My Pregnancy.... In Review

Week 3 & 4 -- Found out I'm pregnant!  15 days past ovulation!  Those that have actively TTC -- know how late that is!  I had already given up for the month. See this post... lol 2 days before my first faint positive test.

 Week 5 -- Still testing.  I think I took upwards of 25-30 pregnancy tests. 

Week 6 -- Told my parents about the pregnancy.  Not exactly an uplifting experience.  I'm still holding back about 99% of my joy at this point. Also told my book club. :)

Week 7 -- Morning Sickness begins... 
my first real experience with daily vomiting and all day long nausea.

Week 8-- Probably about the time I resorted to round the clock Zofran to function.
Visited Grandma Candy & Grandpa Mike in San Diego. 
Bought my first pair of maternity pants.  (Because that's how I roll with #3)

Week 9 -- Still feeling awful.  
But hey-- I'm officially more pregnant than I was before my miscarriage in November.  
So its a winning week all the way.

Week 10 -- My 30th Birthday!
First Prenatal Appointment!  
Blood pressure good, urine awful looking (because I barely eat or drink)

Week 11 -- Heard baby's heartbeat for the first time.  
Right before my second Zumba class.
a.k.a. Why its amazing to be best friends with your midwife.

 Week 12 -- I'm feeling blah blah blah. 

Week 13 -- Morning Sickness finally subsides!

Week 14 -- Emma Turned 4!!!
Got a Horrible case of the stomach flu/food poisoning.  
(Who knows, at this point)
Another prenatal.  Good blood pressure.  Still awful looking urine.  Because I'm still not really eating regularly.

Week 15 -- Ethan Turned 6!!!
Finally told all my daycare parents!
Announced my pregnancy on FaceBook

Week 16 -- Movement is officially felt.

 Week 17 -- Not too much movement... 
I'm wondering if I was imagining things last week....

Week 18 -- And then BAM!  Movement all the time.  Good to know I'm not crazy.
Another prenatal. Finally healthy pee. I'm eating and drinking like I should be. 

Week 19 -- Blood pressure good although low for me.  I'm dizzy a lot.  What's new?

Week 20 -- The baby kicks Ethan's hand!  
Movement felt & seen from the outside! Magic!
Week 21 -- Found out that we are having a baby BOY!!!!
And now we move onto monthly/every few weeks fruit updates. :)

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