2010 Resolutions & Goals

Marriage – Strengthen our marriage and work to meet each others needs
Dates once a month
Spend time together, twice/week

Family – Connect on a regular basis with those that I love
Spend time with each kid separately once a month
Call Al monthly
Visit Colorado once in 2010
Send photo cards regularly:
Valentine's Day
Spring ---April
Birthdays... ???
4th of July
Fall/Autumn – September

Health – Take care of myself and my body
Get More Sleep
Eat Cleanly
Exercise Regularly

Personal Finance – Live like no one else, so we can live like no one else.
Pathfinder Sold
Credit Debts Gone
Fully Funded Emergency Fund
Purchase Small Family Vehicle

Education & Training – Graduate soon... start moving towards a fulfilling career
Complete Required Math Credit
Complete 2-4 Elective Classes in Education

Personal Growth & Interest – Expand horizons, learn about new things
Read 6 Non-Fiction Books in 2010
Read 6 Classic Books in 2010

Recreation & Leisure - Enjoy myself more often
Book Club monthly
Mom's Night Out monthly
Sew through all the fabric I have (buy per project after)

Career – Create a fun, educational, loving environment for daycare
Start schedule with activities