Friday, February 12, 2010

Today. Friday.

Barf.   I just want it to be Saturday.  And we've got a busy day.  Footprint Hearts.  Valentine's Day "Party".  (Which I might go get a Costco Pizza for... we'll see)  I might look into Dominoe's because they'd deliver. :)

Anyway, yesterday.  My plan was:
Breakfast:   Muesli (yogurt + oatmeal + fruit), coffee with skim + splenda or SF hot chocolate

Lunch: Chicken, apple & cranberry salad

Dinner: Orange Chicken with brown rice and fresh green beans.

Snacks:  Fruits; apples, oranges, bananas?  Fresh fruit salad?

Dessert:  Graham cracker + (FF cool whip + SF/FF pudding) = frozen treat

64 oz of water throughout the day.

I did pretty good.

Breakfast? Good.  The muesli was... interesting.  I made it with apples, pears and strawberries, which is all I could find.  I think it would be much much better with bananas, blueberries and strawberries.  Or something.  I'm going to eat what I made yesterday, because it was still very good.  And then next week, or later this weekend I'll make another batch.

Lunch? Good.  I did eat a single english muffin pizza, but really filled up on salad.

Dinner? Good.  I made over breaded chicken, green beans and white rice.  I didn't make the brown rice, but it was still a pretty healthy low fat dinner.

Snacks... I snacked on celery & peanut butter, so not the best choice there.  But I didn't end up eating dessert.

I didn't get any exercise.  And I drank about 32 oz of water.  Not great.

Today, I didn't exercise.  My eating plan:

Breakfast: Muesli  w/SF FF Hot Chocolate Coffee

Lunch: Chicken, Apple, Cran Salad

Snack:  Fruit and/or Veggies.  Maybe more muesli?

Dinner:  Not sure. Depends on Ian.  If I had to say right now I would say that I'd be cooking pancakes for me and the kids.  I'll rock it with lots of bananas and blueberries and light maple syrup.

No dessert after pancakes.  Just doesn't seem right.

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