Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some New Thoughts....

The weight has been here for a long time... some since I was a kid.  Most since Cross Creek.  A bit since then, I suppose too.  Its been a long time to get fat.  While I'm doing feeling fat, done being fat, etc.  I think I'm done thinking about dieting and my constant struggle to lose weight.  I want to change my habits long term.  I want to stop focusing on the number on the scale and start focusing on my behaviors.  My emotions.  My choices.  My patterns.

So... my goals.  Here are the things that I want to be doing:

  • Exercising 5 times a week

  • Drinking 64 oz of water daily

  • Eating only whole grains (no processed white flour)

  • Eating 5+ servings of fruit and vegetables daily

  • Sleeping 8 hours per night

My original thought was that I needed to start slowly.  Work up to all of this stuff... you know *not* burn out.  And I think that's somewhat true.  I'm not going from exercising basically never to exercising 5/weekly overnight.

But everything else?  I can just *DO*.

Tomorrow.... I'm up early for Gabe and its already late, but I think I'll plan to do 20 minutes of shredding anyway.  Why skip exercise?  If I go to bed now I'll get 7.5 hours of sleep.  That is plenty.

I need to commit. Pretty soon here I'm going to weigh more than Ian.

Eating Plan:

Breakfast:   Muesli (yogurt + oatmeal + fruit), coffee with skim + splenda or SF hot chocolate

Lunch: Chicken, apple & cranberry salad

Dinner: Orange Chicken with brown rice and fresh green beans.

Snacks:  Fruits; apples, oranges, bananas?  Fresh fruit salad?

Dessert:  Graham cracker + (FF cool whip + SF/FF pudding) = frozen treat

64 oz of water throughout the day.

That's my plan.  I'm checking back in tomorrow to report how much I really ate.  Maybe this bloggy blog will turn into a food journal.  Hahaha

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