Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Working things out

This morning, I learned that April might be quitting.  After two short short weeks, she's talking to another company about doing their accounting.  I guess we'll see what comes of it.  There are a lot of questions I guess on her end that she's working out.

Well, I'll just have to see how it goes.  Ian's upset.  I'm not really.  I just can't find it in me.  I'm not happy with the situation, but at the same time - eh, its her decision.  I've learned a lot over the past month as an employer.  Mostly due to the situation, and I'm grateful to have learned what I have.  I know now that I wouldn't have thrived with Veronica working here.  I think I (and the daycare) would have thrived with April, yes I do.  But at this point, its just not lucratrive enough to pay her anymore.  She's already making the same per hour that I am.  She works 30 hours a week, and I work 60 hours a week, but we are both making under $8 an hour.

That really sucks, you know?

So if she sticks around... its going to be fast forward to taking on more full time kids.   If she doesn't... I'm not hiring someone to replace her.  I'm going to hire someone to relieve me 10 hours a week.  Max 10 hours.  To take the bigger kids to the park/McD... and to do paperwork, grocery shop and maybe have lunch with Ian.  We'll see about that, I guess.

There is still more to play out, on all fronts.

I've been struggling with not loosing weight. I didn't lose at all this week.  I even gained a bit.  I'm really really struggling.  I feel like I'm doing the best I can.  But I'm not loosing, so I must not really be.  It can't be NORMAL for my body to want to stay weighing 200 pounds.  It just CAN'T.

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