Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today is bittersweet

Today, Ian and I moved his desk into our bedroom.  We moved all of my fabric and sewing machines into our closet.  To clear out the office, to make room for a nap room.

It is nice because we will have more play space (because we'll be able to allow the bigger kids to go into our kids room to play with toys.  I'd like to designate one of the room (kids or living) to be the "school" room, where we hang up our space.  Maybe the nap room, depending on how much space is left after the pack and plays, I suppose.  Anyway, the school room would have learning posters and so forth.  It could co-exist with the play/toy room --- or not.  I guess we will just be moving forward seeing how things go.

Its sad because I had to actually put my sewing stuff *away*.  Its not out for me to sit down and sew.  If I want to sew, I have to get out everything to sew whatever and then put it all back. Maybe it will be good, I'll be designating time to sew, maybe I'll even get more done.  But its sad for me.  Its a very definite line in the sand.... dividing my life as a stay at home mom to my current life as a working mom.

Sorta sad.

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