Thursday, January 21, 2010


Its early.  I went to bed sort of late last night.  Eh.  I'm stuffy and not doing that great.

My eating... not so great so far this week.  I am temporarily up on the scale (bummer).  I haven't been exercising.  I haven't done yoga for at least 10 days, and I'm really missing it.  I need to get crackin' and get it done tomorrow morning.  Or maybe I'll step out of my comfort zone and exercise tonight.  Probably not though because Grey's is on.  Lame, I know.

But even though tomorrow is an earlier morning, I think I'll be OK.  I'll go to bed right after my TV shows and I'll get up at 6 a.m. In bed at 10 p.m., up at 6 a.m.  I want this to be my new schedule.  :)  I'm going to be working hard on that the next few weeks.

Things with April are working out pretty well I think.  I wish I could pay her more, I know they are really really struggling.  Tuesday I went to McD to have lunch with my friends and she stayed and kept the babies.  That was freaking awesome.  She worked hard while she was gone, but I think it worked out really well for both of us.

Today should be interesting.  Janet is coming over... pretty much right now.  She's going to hang out for a while, then leaving her three youngest.  We are going to have a full full full day.  Should be very interesting.

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