Sunday, January 10, 2010

Progress, not perfection

Last night I went to sleep feeling completely run down. I've just let myself get taken over by everyone else's stuff. Its nothing that they are doing... obviously, half of "them" are infants. Its just that I close my days feeling completely used up. So, today I made definite progress on several different items that have been bothering me. In effort to change that, I handled some things today.

First, because this is an anonymous blog... the icky. Of course. I think I mentioned last night that Aunt Flow was in town. Man, she's pissed after Mrs. IUD left her. Pissed. I'm on day 4 of h.e.l.l. My previously sewn and loved mama pads were not cutting it. I was feeling horrible, gross and it was bothering me more than I wanted it to. So --- Diva Cup to the rescue. I could sing praises from the rooftops. Seriously, and I've only owned the damn thing for 7 hours.

Second, I got my eating under control today. Today = Day 1 of Core. Very good. Remembering old things... like popcorn and fruit for snacks. Trying to figure out new things... like lunches without blowing lots of Flexies. Overall, I'm remember why I like it so much and happy that I'm back.

Third, I handled my husband tonight. Its been way too too too many days since we last we able to have sex. As mentioned about, I'm living through detox from the IUD, so I handled it high school style. With a BJ.

Tonight? Life is Good.

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