Friday, January 8, 2010

No introduction needed...

Today was a hard day.  Fridays are typically hard days for me.  They are extra long (I have daycare arrivals an hour earlier and kids that stay two hours later).  I'm usually spent from the week.  My patience is thin.  My kids' patience is thin.  The babies... well they just seem to pick up on that.  Today, adding to that -- Aunt Flow.  (And she's gained TONS of weight since her sister Mrs. IUD left)  Lame, I know.  But its likely 75% of why my day was so terrible.

Daycare.  Blah.  I need more clients.  Seriously, if I'm carrying us.  If I'm putting out all of this work, I'd like to get paid a bit more. Secondly, its all basically the same amount of work at this point.  Adding extra kids, beside the noise is basically the same amount of work as I do now.  Right?  You have to agree with me here, or tonight, I'll going a wee bit crazy.

Daycare.  Running a daycare.  I'm not sure I'm doing a fantastic job.  I'm spent by Friday.  Friday's generally suck.  I don't do much activity because I just want to be left alone.  Seriously.  But, I suppose that's easily changed.  I really need to figure out a way to have more energy on Fridays.  Well, everyday, but particularly Fridays.

Ian thinks I should write a book about my adventures starting a daycare. I'm not sure I'd want my name all over something that would contain my true thoughts about some of these kids.  (You know, the genital warts on the back of a baby's head) But perhaps writing about what I'm doing, what I'm thinking about would be of help to me.

Other news... non-daycare related....
I did start doing yoga again this week.  This morning was my 3rd time this week. I'd like to get one more practice in this weekend, although I'm not totally sure how that will work out.  Because there is no way I'm waking up early in the morning tomorrow.  Maybe Sunday I suppose, but no way for tomorrow.

I have more to talk about with weight loss, but seriously I feel like its all that I ever have to say lately. Which is lame, because I weigh the same... if not more than I did when I started this yappin'.  So lame, I'm not going to write about it until I actually change some behaviors.  But I will say that I'm avoiding it like a crazy woman, but I'm almost completely positive that I need to get back into Core. Really.

My main reason for not doing that was the meal plan that I just purchased, but I canceled it today.  I'm praying they refund my money.  The meal plan was really pretty crappy.  Just nothing that we normally eat.  I think I'm going to make a meal plan for a month.  I'll have to work on that tomorrow.  After I pick up my library book.  Hopefully, they held it for me.  Please, Library Ladies... please have held my book one night past the hold expiration.

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