Friday, January 15, 2010

Its been a few days...

....which is really unfortunate, because I'm now very behind on journaling.  I've had a lot of decisions that I've made for my daycare business.  Wow...

I hired A Wednesday afternoon and I let V know that I did that - which meant that I wasn't hiring her full time like we've previously planned on and discussed.  Good business move, bad friend move. Really that could be the end of the discussion here.

(Except my next post is likely to be an open letter to V)

In other news?  I did the JM 30 day shred yesterday morning.  Man, I'm freaking sore today.  Holy cow.  The upside?  I've lost 5 pounds now (officially though not until Monday)  I'm pretty excited about that. The Divas are doing a Biggest Loser Challenge that I'm a part of.  Probably why I've been staying on task eating lately.  And exercising isn't coming so good, I only exercised yesterday - but hopefully I'll be able to do it tomorrow morning.  Exercise on a Saturday morning?  I'm committed!

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