Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Goal Wrap Up

Initiate the "3 day rule" - Doing well with this one.  :)

Call Al - Not Yet
Thank you cards for Christmas - Not yet

Journal Food Daily (no matter what) - About 50/50 here.  Not great, I'll do better next week.
Yoga Challenge: 20 minutes - Not everyday, but still did yoga 4 times last week.  That's better than 0 like the week before.  Next week, I'll planning for more than 4.
2 L Water daily - About 50/50 here too.  Drinking lots of fluid, but too much is soda and coffee.
Bedtime 10:30 p.m. & Lights Out - 11 p.m. weeknights - Doing OK with this... getting into bed earlier in general but towards the end of the week let this slip a little bit.

Taxes 2010 for Business - Already got 90% sent to accountant
Create ways to track income easily in 2011 - Doing better, came up with some easy things to do.  Its daily practice now and I'm doing pretty good.  I remembered to charge a textbook to our personal account instead of my business account, so that's good.
Create budget - not yet.

Begin Math & Human Development Classes - Math starts Tuesday - HD starts online tomorrow.  I won't get my book until Wednesday though!

Personal Growth
Journal and post to blog 3/weekly - Nope.  My only post this week was about the purses.  Not really a journal-type post.
Read one non-fiction or classic book - Reading Ana's Story by Jenna Bush.

Plan Mom's Night Out - Planned (although Kara planned it) and Completed.
Plan Book Club - Scheduled for February 4th
Fold all Fabric - Done
January Stash Game - Started, not sewing much - but whatever.

Trial Inspection - Not yet, maybe next week
Create "chore/responsibility" list with DC Kids - Started working with them to clean up more after meals.  Thinking of moving the toys into the Family Room, not sure yet.

Check off 3 Items weekly from To-Do List - This week: 
  • Create working toy storage (Play Room)
  • Clean Blinds (Play Room)
  • Create storage for art supplies (Laundry Room)

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