Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lots of Purses and Bags

Since the pregnancy instantly brought out so many feelings of wanting to sew and create little things for myself and the bean - it seemed appropriate to put energy into sewing to deal with the miscarriage. 

However, somehow I let things get a little out of hand and I've managed to sew up a few purses/bags since Thanksgiving.
This one is for my mom

A Christmas purse. A "Jenny Bag" from Wired Up Designs.

I like the bag, I like the fabric.  But the applique looks like boobies.

A Buttercup Bag.  One of the straps is off centered, giving it that weird look on the right side.
No interfacing, just a small bag with a long strap.  Emma has a couple of these.

Another Buttercup Bag.  Handles NOT funky.

A larger sized Buttercup bag.  I like this one, there are a few interior hilarious problems though.  Because I'm awesome.

Plus a few more that Emma has taken control of and lost somewhere in the black hole we call the Playroom.

The first one pictured is going to my mom. 

Anyone else want one?  Seriously.

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  1. The 5th one pictured...can you give me dimensions? Nataly wants a bag to carry her Book of Mormon in.