Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week In Review

After what felt like a weekend from hell last weekend, I'm surprised my week went by without incident. Last weekend just was exhausting with errands, school work, ridiculous and meaningless arguments with my husband. I didn't sleep enough, I didn't relax enough.  I went into my week feeling like the living dead.

I eventually caught up on sleep, at least to the point that I joined the living.  It rained quite a bit which always makes my job as a daycare provider a lot harder.  If you ever start to doubt that kids need to be outside, just having a week's worth of rain keep them indoors.  Then check their behavior.  Its insane.

Most days this week I felt like I was just getting through the day.  Maybe due to the lack of sleep & relaxation over the weekend.  Maybe because of the rain.  I'm not entirely sure why I felt so *blah*.  But, blah is what I felt.

What did I learn from all the blah?  That's its time to put more of an effort into taking care of MYSELF.  What's the thought about the oxygen mask?  That we have to put our mask on before assisting another passenger, even our children?  If I am taking care of myself I have the strength, ability and serenity to take care of the 15 other little people souls in my house. When I am taking care of myself, I have the interest in taking care of my husband.  Taking care of ourselves first changes how we feel and how we show up in our world.

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