Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love battles Reality

I met my husband online.  Yep, true story.  I was about to start my senior year in high school.  We continued a long distance relationship through the entire school year before we move in together. We were madly in love. We talked on the phone for hours, chatted online for hours and spent entire weekends together as much as we could.  I took him to my senior prom.  We were "high school sweethearts" in a very uncommon sense of the term.

I have to say that reality set into our relationship about 4 months after we moved in together.  It was about October of 1999.  I had recently quit my job and Ian was starting a Youth Transport Company with a slime ball that won't be named.

Money was tight.  Very tight.  We started fighting, and I mean really fighting.  I remember leaving the apartment one night in anger and driving North, heading home to Colorado. At some point, I turned around and went back to our apartment. Obviously.

As money evened out so did our relationship. We've since grown up a lot more since then.    I got a real jobby job, rather than working swing shifts at a minimum wage job. Our relationship really hit reality at another level.  We got married, we bought a house, we had kids.

We've dealt with huge financial blows, several million job changes, Ian going to school, me going to school, two pregnancies, two labors, 3+ years of breastfeeding, job loss, alcohol abuse, 15 children in our small home for the last year... and a plethora of other issues that I can't even begin to account for. 

But, life moved on and we've stayed married, happily.

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