Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why, hello there?

I guess I'll start blogging again.

Because I need one more thing to do.  Right?

Not really, but maybe I would feel a little more peace with recording what I'm doing/thinking/feeling.  Maybe journaling would be therapeutic.

Just maybe.

Except the problem with starting again is that there is no place to start. I haven't really blogged a real entry since April?  March?  I can't even begin to start into everything that has taken place since then.

Perhaps I ought to write myself a list of posts to follow over the next few days or weeks.

1. Daycare growth
2. College
2a. The Relate Survey results and my thoughts on them
3. Homeschooling Ethan
4. Ian's Um, Stuff. (More to come later)
5. Weight Loss, of course
6. Book Club book reviews
7. Spirituality
8. Women Food and God
9. My blatant failure as an employer
10. Pictures from the Independence Day San Diego Trip
11. Pictures from the Labor Day Colorado Trip
12.  My summer garden
13. My fall garden
14. Everything I haven't sewn, but have plans for.  And plenty of fabric for.

Maybe just that,  is enough for now. 

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