Monday, September 13, 2010


Before Ethan was born, I was enrolled in every class that I needed to qualify for my associates degree.  My thought was that I'd finish that, then when our kids were bigger I would go back to school to finish at least a Bachelors.

Except I flunked out of the college level algebra that I was enrolled in.  At least it won't be on my transcripts because I took it through BYU Independent Study.

Fast forward five years, I decided to enroll again.  I've wanted to go back, but there has always been a good reason to wait. I ultimately decided that there would not likely be a "good time" again.

So, I started college again.  Basically 4 credits.  And its kicking my butt.

Ok, that's not entirely fair.  Its not the 4 credits.  Its the 4 credits + 50 hour daycare work weeks + starting to home school Ethan + the "other drama" in my life, which I'll go into another day.

Bottom line is that all those + + +'s are = one stressed and overwhelmed Vanessa.

 I'm trying to take it one thing at a time.  And after this weekend, it feels like its getting better.  I can do my homework over the weekend and I think I finally figured out a way to work through school work with Ethan.

I guess we'll see.  Oh!  And yes, I know I'm crazy.

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  1. I missed you! And yes, I know that you blog for you and not me, but I missed you still!