Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spring Garden

From April 2010

From May 2010

From June 2010

Unfortunately, that's the last picture that I have.  Bummer.

I'll have to remember to take pictures of my fall garden a little bit better. I could post some for September, and there are some of the same crops.

But over the weekend I pulled the pumpkin plants, the sunflowers, all but one tomato plant.  A few weeks ago I pulled all the lettuce as it was getting too hot.  I harvested the onions about a month ago. 

The good news is that I planted:  Lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi, more carrots, parsnips, broccoli, onions, gourds and soon I'll plant garlic and more cilantro (which also died in the heat).  Its my first year fall gardening.  We'll see if anything grows.  I just planted seeds Saturday.

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