Thursday, September 16, 2010

...Ian's Um Stuff...

There are many people that read this blog.  Its not private.  Its public.  I think its linked from my facebook. I don't want this story to be out in the open.  I don't want to discuss Ian's court case at the park. Or Mom's Night Out. Or whatever. This feels intensely personal.

So why should I even post it?  Because this is supposed to be for me. I'm supposed to be blogging for therapeutic reasons.  To be able to sort thoughts in my head.  To be able to take one of the hundreds of open boxes in my head... and close them.

Ian's DUI.  Its what I referenced in my "Hi-I'm-Back-Post" as Ian's, um stuff.  I know some that read this blog already know about it. Most probably don't.  I'll start with this:  Its been one hell of a month.

Here's the short story. .. Ian was drinking and driving his dune buggy through Sand Hollow State Park, and he was pulled over by a park ranger.  He was arrested, I bailed him out of jail, he's going through the court process of the DUI. 

And he's completely quit drinking.  We are overhauling our relationship, how we communicate, how we fight, how we parent, how we make decisions for our family. We are having deep conversations about God, spirituality, having a Higher Power and what that means for ourselves, our family, for our kids.

 Ian is dealing with personal issues regarding alcoholism and dependency.  I'm dealing with personal issues about my boundaries, my self-worth, personal power, co-dependent issues. 

There is a lot left to deal with.  Thank God we have the tools from the program to handle all the mess that we've gotten ourselves into.  The only way out is through.

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