Sunday, March 7, 2010

Public vs Private.... Or I blog for me.

I've been struggling to blog honestly since I went public.  (I'd been blogging at another site completely anonymously)  I'm still not sure why I made the decision to import that blog into this one and start blogging again normally.  Really, my blog isn't meant to be cute, or witty, or what not.  Its truly my journal.  My "web log" of my life.  I'm still not exactly excited that my close friends plus a few "strangers" read on a regular basis.

Nevertheless my plan is to continue on publicly... pretending that I'm still anonymous.  I can journal my thoughts. I can journal my feelings without stress or concern with judgment.   I can do this because I choose my reality.

After some soul searching about this I've decided that if my few readers don't like what I say, that they can always unsubscribe.  I don't blog for you, I blog for me.  I'm horrible at written journals. I lose interest.  I lose my pen.  I lose my note bad.  I have been blogging for nearly 18 months.  My blog has seen a lot of changes, starting first as a business/crafting blog.  But when I find myself wanting to journal more. ... to sort through things... to record my progress, choices, life... I seem to gravitate back.  And after this weekend, I'm definitely feeling an intense need to sort.

So sort, I will.

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