Monday, February 15, 2010

Plan for the day.

Busy.  I have curriculum planned: centipede craft, lots of teeth stuff for our "I Take Care of My Teeth" Week. ... .  I need to sweep and mop very badly.  I'd like to create labels for the cribs in the nap room.  I need to handle the paperwork that's all over my desk.

Breakfast: muesli.  Lunch: chicken, apple & cran salad.  Dinner planned is BBQ Chicken Pizza.  I think I'll try a thinner crust and see how that goes.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed today with my week.  I guess I should start welcoming that feeling. Its become pretty normal.  Its not a feeling of dread like I used to have at RR.  But its definitely a "can I really handle this for another long week?" feeling.  Haha.  We'll see how today goes I guess.

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