Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 5

Today is Day 5. My goal for today is to eat as low points as possible... its book club tonight and while I'm planning on making healthy choices, I'm still planning not to deprive myself and having a good time.

I started the hundreds challenges, they are hard! I'm sore in the legs from squats and in the arms from the pushups. I love that feeling.

Quickie post this morning, I'm sorry. I have to run and get to work. xoxo


  1. Day 5...Day 5! See, you're doing fantastic! So proud of you! Glad you started the challenge...and yeah, it's a love-hate relationship FOR sure! I've got to do mine tonight, I'll be thinking of you :) hehehe! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the feeling my arms, legs, and abs get after my 100's challenge... I'm off them for the bit again...who knows why. Just lack of motivation I guess... and busy busy days... good luck with them!

  3. You are five days into a new healthy lifestyle! I know that eating healthy and working out is hard and is definately a love/hate relationship. From what I've been told, eventually it getts better. I hope for all of us its true!

    I have never tried the 100s challgenge. I'm sure I wouldn't be very good at it, I can't even do one real push up. Good luck at it... I'm sure you will do amazing!

    By the way, I loooove that you are in a book club! I wish my itty bitty town was big enough for a book club!

  4. The hundreds challenges... I only did the push-up one... great idea!

    And I agree about depriving yourself... for me it works better let myself have anything I want, just watch the portion control. That way I don't go overboard and binge when I finally have something I deprive myself of.

  5. Yay Vanessa! Keep it up!

    Where do I go to find out about the 100's challenge? Maybe I should give it a try.