Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time for *Real* Post

Today is Day 3.

Day 3 of starting over. I'm forced to admit to myself that this get healthy effort lately is a series of starts, stops and restarts. And its disheartening. And its embarrassing. And I'm going to have to move on from this pattern.

So, today is Day 3. Tomorrow will be day 4.

I weighed in Tuesday, I gained the 3 pounds I lost a few weeks ago and .5 more. Nice, huh? Now I'm higher than my starting weight. Perfect. But again, I'll have to keep reminding myself. Today is a new day. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is day 4. Its not day 1, and I only can go up from here.

Tonight, I went for a walk with both my kids. Ethan rode his big wheel, which did not work out so well. It was loud, we couldn't hear the cars coming and he had a hard time keeping up with me. That's not good. But, we got about an hour of walk/ride in and that's good for something.

I think I'll keep up the walks, I just have to figure out a different way to get them accomplished. Pushing Emma in the stroller definitely worked. Maybe the answer is to leave Ethan at home? Force him to ride his normal bike? Exercise in the morning before they wake up? Lots of options, I'm just going to have to figure out what works best for me.

Truthfully right now, I'd love to put Emma in the mei tai, have Ethan ride his bike - walk in the morning after the babies have gotten to my house, push them in the stroller. I bought stroller connectors today, to connect two umbrella strollers together. Hopefully they work out for me and this whole scenario works out. At least until I take on more kids.

I am planning on starting a couple new challenges.... the 100 push-ups challenge, 200 squats and 200 sit-ups. Its three separate challenges with the same author/creator. They should take about ten minutes each three times a week... so 30 minutes 3x/week. That's doable and I think it will help me build more muscle and get a lot stronger. I'm looking forward to that. :) I'll post progress here, I'm sure.

Oh and I finally bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers on Monday. I decided for a little while I'll take advantage of the online program, so I plunked down my credit card and paid. I'm hoping that in times of struggle, the money that I've spent helps me to make the best decisions available to me at the time.


  1. Hey Vanessa! Those stroller connectors are WONDERFUL! It made it so much easier for me when my twinkies were little, and I didnt' want to lug out the HEAVY double stroller!

    Glad your on a better track this week, for YOU! It has to always be about you, not the "team", not the family, but you. Once I got that through my head, I finally made the progress I have. Sure, I still have set backs, but I think that is normal. That is just living life, enjoying it, and doing the best I can!

  2. This weight loss journey is one day at a time if we mess up we just need to start over not give up.And I'm typing this as much for me as I am for you!

  3. Oh don't be so hard on yourself hon. It's a tough battle, but you are looking at it the right way! Today is a new day...and look, already day 4!!! We all have setbacks, it's true...but we continue to try.

    Best of luck with the challenges. They are AWESOME, and you'll totally love-hate them!

    SUPER about Weight Watchers! The program works...seriously, I KNOW! I have followed WW...and honestly it's the easiest way to do it! I currently count points AND calories!!!

  4. I am glad that you keep starting - shows that you do really want this! Keep taking it a day at a time, and don't beat yourself up! You CAN do this!

  5. who cares what day it is of "starting over"? what matters is that you are doing something for you and your kids future! even if you gain weight this week, at least you wanting to make a change. And you WILL see a change! you can do this!

    i always sing praises to women when i see them pushing strollers because those suckers can be heavy! i couldn't imagine double strollers, you rock Vanessa!