Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yesterday wasn't great

And I didn't weigh in this morning because of it.  Well, I normally weigh in everyday, so its not that big of a deal.  But I decided that I refuse to have a bad day today because my scale reading is higher this morning.

Anyway, I have some confessions to make.  Mostly to myself, but you know...

1. My kids do not like cereal. 

2.  When I buy cereal "for the kids", its for me.

3.  Cereal of any variety is a huge red light food for me.  I can't seem to handle normal amounts of cereal. 

4.  I eat it when I'm not hungry and when I am.  When I am hungry, cereal does nothing for my hunger.

5.  I'm not buying more cereal for quite some time.  I'm the only one that wants it around, and frankly I don't need it around.  I should be eating more protein in the morning... and not late night snacking.  If its midnight and I'm hungry, it should be cue to go to bed.

This morning, I'm feeling resolved to lay off the cereal.  I'm also feeling pretty good that instead of feeling super sorry for myself, I stepped back and learned.  Actually looked at my choices and how they impact me, my health, my weight loss and my self esteem.

Today will be a great day.  I'm doing bracelets with the kids.  I am thinking that I'll be making a couple of WW points bracelets.

I did yoga yesterday morning and I'm a little sore in the shoulders from the chaturangas in my sun salutations.  I thought the kids that I am supposed to watch today would be here around 8 a.m., but it will really be 10 a.m., so maybe I can get some more yoga or a walk in before they get here.  I have to eat breakfast pretty quick, I'm getting really hungry.

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  1. Hi there! Found your blog through Merry Merry! I just wanted to stop in and say hi! I think that you are doing really well on your weight loss. It's never easy is it?

    I laughed with the cereal - because in our house it's the complete opposite. All seven kids and my hubby love cereal, and I could take it or leave it!

    As you can imagine, we go through a lot of cereal, and it gets expensive.