Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

 Thanks to Elyse at Following Him for taking over Thanksgiving Thursdays.  I always find myself looking forward to blogging on Thursdays to reflect back over the week.  Its a great small group of women choosing to be grateful for life, I am honored to (occasionally) be a part of it.
My daughter seems to be out of diapers.  She's been day trained for a few months, but she seems to have given up night time diapers too.  Its bittersweet and lead to an entire post that will publish later this afternoon.  But I'm grateful to have such an awesome little girl.  I'm very proud of her. 
Swimming Lessons are over.  I'm grateful to my dear mother in law for sponsoring Ethan in the lessons.  He learned a lot and so did his dad and I.  Hubby and I learned about his learning tendencies, how he acts within a "classroom" and with a teacher.  Interesting talks.  Anyway, I'm glad we got to do them and I'm glad they are over. 
I got to spend a phenomenal few hours with just Ethan and I at the pool Friday afternoon.  I'm grateful for Hubby taking Emma because she was not happy with the pool. It was awesome to spend some time alone with my favorite son. 
My husband and I have been working on loosing weight the past couple of weeks and I'm grateful that he's allowing me space to do what works for me.  We are currently following different weight loss programs. (He's doing a modified Atkins and I'm doing WW).  Its been amazing to support each other and grow together.  We are both happy and we are both loosing weight.  And we are doing it together.

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  1. WoW...way to go on going WW. Hope you see results soon. Right now I am doing the Shred and it is literally kicking my butt. YAHOO for indivdual time with Ethan. Bet that made your day :)
    Happy Thursday!!