Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun Weekend Plans

We're going camping tomorrow.  We went last weekend with a friend of mine and her family.  We are gearing up to head out early tomorrow morning.  I'm very excited.  We are going with another couple that Ian met through the fire department.... back in what?  2003? 

Anyway, I'm really excited.  I'm hoping to just relax and have a great time with the family.  We are headed up to Panguitch Lake. The kids will do some fishing, some hanging out by the shore, maybe a little hiking/walking around.  You can't swim in the lake, I guess its against the rules.  You can water ski though - figure *that* one out.

My plan eating-wise is to eat OK - not worry about eating fantastically.  I mean, we are bring quite a bit of alcohol.  But just OK.  Not go crazy, not feel sorry for myself.  But to be active throughout the weekend.  Seems simple enough.

I'll post pictures of our trip when I get home.  Have a safe weekend, to everyone and anyone who's reading.

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