Monday, August 24, 2009

August Goals: Week Four

A week four update...


August Goals

1. Stick to WW points, make it a habit.
I'm doing pretty good with this. I'm struggling through some days, eating poorly then wishing I hadn't. But all in all, I'm slowly moving towards much healthier eating on a daily basis.

2. Exercise 3/weekly each week this month.
Of all my goals, so far - I'm rocking this one the best. Its been yoga all the way. I love my yoga mornings. I find the whole day I have a better attitude and overall I'm happier. On the days I sleep in, I'm not so happy, I tend to have a worse day.

3. Complete "Sister Reunion" gifts.
No real sewing yet this month. This morning I finally made the time to use the embroidery applique that I bought from Little Sugar Britches via Etsy. So now, I'm feeling a whole lot more motivated.

4. Sew trainers for Zach. (I think I committed to this in June)
No, and this morning I gave the fabric, pattern and my PUlL scraps to Zach's mom. So she could sew these, because I really don't want to. And my time is becoming more precious.

5. Sew Hooter Hider for my mom, for a shower gift.
While I was prepared to sew this earlier in the month, the mom who this gift was intended for ended up delivering at 30 weeks. The baby boy is still in the NICU and its not clear whether or not breastfeeding has been, or will be established, so this gift is on hold. Because what formula feeding mom wants to receive a hooter hider as a gift, you know?
Looking forward into September, I'm struck by a few emotions that have reigned the past few days weeks. I've been overwhelmed. I've felt out of control; in general, with my life, my marriage, my kids, my days seem to drag together and run into one big pile of nothing. I've been feeling lonely. I haven't been fostering any relationships. I've let old ones die, I've let new ones die. And then I turn around and complain. Its really no bueno.

This week I'm going to continue with my WW points, yoga and I'm going to get those Sister Reunion gifts done. I'm going to take the week and choose my goals for September. I'll be thinking about how I can best move forward, how I can best serve myself and my family.

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