Monday, August 31, 2009

August Goals: Month End Recap

August Goals

1. Stick to WW points, make it a habit.
I feel like I really mastered this goal in August. Sure, I had days that I went over and some days that I was under. Overall, I feel like I made the changes that I intended to make with this goal.
2. Exercise 3/weekly each week this month.
I definitely did well with this goal, I made a huge improvement over July, without any exercise. I feel there is room for improvement in the coming month.
3. Complete "Sister Reunion" gifts.
Incomplete. I still have the month of September, so not a huge deal. I'm slightly worried that I will continue to become more and more busy with new daycare kids enrolling. But I'm sure I'll find time to do these. I decided on a much more simple project, and took 7 yards of fabric back to Joann's. (Go Me!) So I'll be hitting this one somewhat quickly, but I'm not stressing yet.
4. Sew trainers for Zach. (I think I committed to this in June)
Removed this commitment.
5. Sew Hooter Hider for my mom, for a shower gift.
Not needed, afterall.

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