Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday - A Better Lined Drawstring Bag

I guess I'm just gonna pick up, like I never left off. Sound good? And let me know you are there are reading, leave me a comment, so I don't feel so idiotic for starting to blog again. Please?

Or wait, is that I had to ask even more pathetic?

Anyway - on to the tutorial. I promise I'll start posting my own tutorials one day. Some day. In the mean time, here is a beautifully written example of a drawstring lined bag.

Happy Tuesday! Its park day for me, the best day of the week.


  1. Well I certainly don't want you to feel idiotic. I've not been to your blog before but I've been desperately searching for a tute on a lined drawstring bag.

    Glad you're back ;)


  2. We need to get together and sew something! I have missed doing that with you.