Friday, March 27, 2009

100 Truths - 100th Post

In honor of my 100th post - I'm sharing 100 things.

Since its prompted, it should be a little easier than last time.

[1.] Real Name? Vanessa
[2.] Like It? Yep. It means Butterfly
[3.] Single or Taken? Taken
[4.] Zodiac Sign? Taurus
[5.] Male or Female? Female
[6.] Elementary School? Harpeth Valley Elemtary
[7.] Middle School? Head Middle School in Nashville and Timberview Middle School in Colorado Springs
[8.] High School? Liberty High School, Then Air Academy High School, then Cross Creek Manor, Then Liberty High School
[9.] College? Dixie State College
[10.] Hair color? Brown, with blond highlights
[11.] Eye Color? Blue
[12.] Hair Length? Collarbone length
[13.] Current Worry? Getting my ducks in a row to get my child care license
[14.] Weight? Not Telling
[15.] Are You A Health Freak? Not really.
[16.] Height? 5' 5''
[17.] Do You Have A Crush On Someone? Just hubby
[18.] Do You Like Yourself? yeah
[19.] Any Piercings? I have two holes in my ears. And my mom reads this blog.
[20.] Any Tattoos? Yeah, a really poorly done three leaf clover on what used to be my hip.
[21.] Righty or Lefty? Righty

[22.] First Surgery? I had tubes put in my ears
[23.] First Piercings? - ears
[24.] First Best Friend? Amanda H.
[25.] First Award? I have no idea.
[26.] First Sport? I didn't really play sports
[27.] First Pet? I had fish around 11-12 years old.
[28.] First Vacation? Gulf Shores as a child, Hawaii with hubby's family as an adult
[29.] First Teacher? Mrs. Wright
[30.] First Crush? Daniel Loveless (weird how I remember that, huh?)
[31.] First big birthday? 6th

[32.] Orange or Apple Juice? Apple
[33.] Rock or Rap? Rap, actually
[34.] Country or Screamo? Country
[35.] N'Sync or Backstreet Boys? Backstreet Boys
[36.] Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Christina
[37.] Night or Day? Day
[38.] Sun or Moon? Sun
[39.] TV or Internet? Internet
[40.] PlayStation or Xbox? Playstation
[41.] Kiss or Hug? Kiss
[42.] Iguana or Turtle? Turtle
[43.] Spider or Bee? Bee
[44.] Fall or spring? Spring
[45.] Limewire or iTunes? iTunes
[46.] Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
[47.] Soccer or Baseball? Soccer
[48.] Hot or Cold? Cold


[49.] Eating? Nothing
[50.] Drinking? Diet Coke
[51.] I'm about to? Go to take a shower
[52.] Listening to? Nothing
[53.] Plans for today? I'm going to the park, going to a childcare class and sorting through kids toys.
[54.] Waiting for? My child care license?


[55.] Want Kids? I don't know if I want more kids. I have two, its possible that I want a third, but I'm not sure right now.
[56.] When? When hubby has a steady job
[57.] Marriage? yes
[58.] When? May 18, 2001
[59.] Where Do You Want To Live? Here, Colorado, California, near family, someplace tropical
[60.] How Many Kids? 2 or 3
[61.] Any Name on the Mind? Ethan and Emma
[62.] What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little? a Vet
[63.] What Do You Think You'll Really Be Doing? Something with fabric, or kids, or psychology. I know. I've got it narrowed down.
[64.] Something You Would Never Try? Sky Diving
[65.] When Do You Want to Die? When I'm old. But before I lose control over my mind and/or body

[66.] Lips or Eyes? Eyes
[67.] Nice stomach or nice arms? arms
[68.] Hugging or Kissing? kissing
[69.] Shorter or Taller? taller
[70.] Tan Skinned or Light? light
[71.] Romantic or Spontaneous? Spontaneous
[72.] Dark or Light Hair? don't really care
[73.] Muscular or Normal? muscular
[74.] Hook-Up or Relationship? Um, Marriage?
[75.] Similar To You or Different? Different
[76.] Trouble maker or hesitant? Hesitant

[77.] Kissed A Stranger? No
[78.] Drank Bubbles? What a weird question. Of course not.
[79.] Lost Glasses/ Contacts? Yes, the last time was at my inlaws and I didn't have a spare contact. Nice, huh?
[80.] Climbed Up A Tree? Yeah
[81.] Broken Someone's Heart? Doubtful
[82.] Had your heart broken? Yes
[83.] Ran away from home? Yes, a few times as a teen, for the weekend.
[84.] Been Arrested? Yes
[85.] Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend? Of course

[86.] Yourself? Most of the time. Doubt does creep in occasionally.
[87.] Miracles? Yes
[88.] Love at First Sight? Yes
[89.] Santa Claus? No, but St. Nicolas was real
[90.] Kissing On the First Date? Yes
[91.] Love lastly Forever? Yes
[92.] God? Yes

[93.] Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now? Yes
[94.] Do You Like Someone? I love my husband and now I'm feeling like this quizzy thingy was meant for teenagers. God, I'm old.

[95.] Received/Sent Text Message? Hubby
[96.] Received Call? a telemarketer, lame huh?
[97.] Call Made? To A CPR Instructor
[98.] Comment on Facebook? Something about the weather to an old friend in Arizona.
[99.] Missed Call? Laura, more than a week ago. I'm getting better at remembering to keep my phone nearby
[100.] Person You Hung out with? My kids


  1. Nice to know more stuff about you but I agree I think it was meant for a teen but you still did great answering it!!! Best of luck on getting the childcare license

  2. happy 100th post! how fun to read these little bits of you!

  3. Okay I am sorry I can't be friends with you cause you like Backstreet boys over *NSync. :)