Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Life is good. I'm thankful for:

My First Treasury. Its already expired, but someone actually chose my bag to put into their online gallery of beautiful items. It awarded me more traffic and I sold the bag!

My husband. He's helped me a lot this week; in my typical fashion - its too much to list - but I am particularly appreciative today of his mad web skillz. Check out my new bloggy blog layout/design, yo!

Networking. This week, I found the WAHM of Snooty Booty Diapers, Michelle. When my daughter was little, I had a favorite diaper - it was borrowed (for months) from a good friend. It was a Snooty Booty Diaper. I had completely forgotten until I started networking with other WAHMs - especially those that cater to attached parenting, or natural family living.

The designer of my two favorite bag patterns. Rebecca of Wired Up Designs, is super sweet to work with and extremely talented. She is the pattern creator of the Jenny Bag and the Hot Mama Messenger Bag. I made a huge mistake this week by not previously paying tribute to her patterns for my bags. I'm so thankful she let me know my etsy listings were off and was so nice about it.

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  1. Great things to be thankful for. Love your new design (I thought your blog design yesterday was new but this one looks great too!)