Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I love my coffee

Yes, I love coffee. Love it. I would drink all day long if I didn't know any better. I used to drink brewed coffee from home, although there have been times when I was a daily Starbucks customer. Back when I was a new mom and working full time.

Last year, my mom was also a daily Starbucks customer... I sort of got on her case about how was wasteful. So she started looking for alternatives. She basically figured out how to make her own lattes without an espresso machine for very cheap. And as if that were not cool enough, she figured out how to make it WW Core Friendly.

So, she gave me the *best* Christmas gift. She gave me all the things that I need to make lattes for myself at home! Yay!

First, you boil some water and use the french press to make really really strong coffee. I've been using regular coffee grounds, but I assume you could use espresso grounds if you wanted to. Then you heat some fat free milk until its to your liking, then you use the aerolatte to froth the milk. Add your strong coffee and your steamed milk to a cup, add in your favorite flavors of sugar free coffee syrup. You use the shot glass to measure the syrup. Or I guess you could add a little something extra with it too. :)

Voila! A homemade fat free, sugar free latte. Its WW Core, its cheap, its good. Its my daily little piece of heaven.

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  1. Oh Yum!!!! I love this blog! I have the press, the coffee and milk, now to get me some flavor and an aero thingy....