Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Passport Covers

My mom had an idea for me to create a passport cover. I thought it would be a fun, easy project. I was excited to make her a few covers for Christmas gifts for her friends. I got started looking for inspiration.... and I found these amazing passport covers by glassbeach on etsy, of course.

I am no where near as talented... so I decided to create my own design. That was, um an "interesting" procedure. It took what should have been an 1-2 hour project and turned it into a 6 hour project. Because coming up with your own design requires trial and error. And I created 4 error passport covers. And then changed course and made another one. That one happened to turn out decent, so I make 3 more just like it. Did I mention it was 1 a.m. when I finished the first good one?

Here are the end results:

The yellow index card is to show the width of a passport. An actual passport would be about 2 inches larger in length.

I'm thinking of adding a few of these to my Etsy Shop after Christmas... After I got all the hard work of creating the pattern out of the way. :)

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