Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Conversation with Ethan

Yesterday on the way to playgroup, I had this conversation with Ethan.

Ethan: I have a bicycle. (bicycle is a new vocabulary word for him)

Me: Yes, you do have a bicycle.

Ethan: Daddy has a bicycle.

Me: Yep, daddy has a bicycle.

Ethan: Emma has a big wheel.

Me: Is Emma's big wheel a bicycle or a tricycle?

Ethan: (Pause) Emma has a tricycle big wheel.

Me: That's right. Emma's big wheel is a tricycle. (Pause) What does mommy have?

Ethan: (Pausing, clearly stumped... thinking for a minute, then he finally has an answer.)

Ethan: Mommy has a sewing machine.

Apparently, according to the logic of a three-year-old... I don't need a bike, because I have a sewing machine. I'm rather tempted to agree.

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