Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enjoy your children

My mom was visiting this week. It was a great visit. Ethan really misses all of his grandparents and LOVES when they are around. I will post more pictures, but most of them are on my mom's camera. So I will have to wait until she emails them to me.

With all the love, kisses and candy that Grandma Barb brought for the kiddos, she also brought me a new sewing machine. My mom is the Queen of Embroidery and is currently using a combo sewing/embroidery Babylock. (Jealous much?) Anyway, so she has had a Brother Pacesetter 2001ULT sitting in storage for who-knows-how-long! Amazing, and she thought that I would appreciate it. And I can't even articulate how much I appreciate it. Its like going from driving a broken down pinto to driving a top of the line, fully loaded, luxury SUV. Seeing them sit next to each other is actually sort of sad. In a good way, of course.

So this morning, before my mom's departure, we all loaded up and went out to breakfast. Yes, I had the foresight to take a hungry preschooler and a hungry toddler to breakfast. It was ridiculous how they behaved before the food arrived and I was reminded of why we don't eat out often. Anyway, as we were finishing our meal, another customer came up to our table. It was a much older gentleman. He said he was in his 90's and had 5 generations of children and grandchildren. He wanted to remark how beautiful our children are and how we should "enjoy them, before you know it - this one (Ethan) is going to be just as big as his daddy and how this one (Emma) is going to run off with a handsome guy to another town".

As frustrated as I was with their behavior, I agree - we should enjoy our children. Time passes far too quickly.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I wish I took time to slow down and enjoy my kids more often. The country song that says "You're gonna miss this" sure hits home sometimes.

    Thanks for the reminder. :O)