Friday, September 26, 2008

PJ Pants Part 3

I finally finished all the PJ pants that I had cut out. My kids now have 4 pairs of new PJ pants. And I have very little fleece in my stash. Really, just enough left to pad mei tai straps. Smilies

Tonight, hubby is going to hang out with a friend - so I'm putting the kids to bed and trying out the Jenny Bag pattern that I mentioned yesterday. I'm super excited about it. Best of all, because its my first and I'm sure I'll make plenty of mistakes - it will probably get to be mine. Yay! I "need" a new bag. Smilies Smilies Then I can start making them for my etsy shop. These bags are so cute, I think they'll sell well.

I have been walking at night after dinner with my kids. Its been pretty nice here lately, and I need the exercise. But - of course, there is always a but - I need a padded mei tai. I have been using a buckle tai that I made in February or March and I've "grown" too small for it. I didn't make the shoulder or waist strap adjustable enough. Smilies

On the other hand, that means that I get to make a new mei tai for myself. I wore one last night, a tester from my shop, and the waist strap wasn't padded. At the end of my 45 minute walk, I was wishing it was padded. I think that means its not an option to make carriers without the waist padding. I think its standard. I also would like to really perfect my headrest shape. I'm really close, it was very good with my dragon mei tai and a little better with the blue swirly one that I made too. I have one more for my etsy shop cut out - hopefully that will be the perfected version.

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