Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm struggling, I'll admit. I feel like I have so many balls in the air and they are all sort of coming down at the same time.

I'm not really holding it together as well as I'd like to be. Statistics is going fine, but I'm way behind in Human Development. Way behind. Like I haven't listened to a single lecture. Um, yeah. Not a single one. I completely missed the first test because I forgot to pay and I haven't gotten into any of the lectures. Its bordering on pathetic.

I had a somewhat large project due yesterday for statistics, and I barely finished it. Between two computers not functioning correctly and my procrastination, it was overwhelming stressful. Thankfully I have good friends, one who let me borrow her computer.

While stressing about my assignment, Emma was bugging and I lost it. Totally yelled at my sweet three year old for asking repeatedly for a sucker. It was the low point in my day.

Oh yeah, also I'm not pregnant, cycle 3 down. So aunt flow is on her way, making everything seem worse than it really is. Its some kind of psychic curse that you get PMS at the same time as a stark white negative pregnancy test.

The second guessing of all the things that could be wrong with my body. My cycles are irregular maybe I have PCOS. I have bad PMS, maybe I have low progesterone. Its in. These moments that I loose trust in my body's ability to function. Not permanently, just for a minute.
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