Friday, December 31, 2010

December Goal Review

Date with Ian - Turned into a family date - but I'm calling in DONE

Family portrait taken Dec 4 - DONE
Christmas cards out by the 10th - NOT DONE.  Out the 20th.  But hey - they were still out. :)

New WW program: Points Plus - Definitely one big fat fail
2 L Water daily - Pretty good but maybe about 50%

Yoga weekday mornings - Another big fat fail
Journal/Blog 3/weekly - DONE.  Some I didn't post though. I think that will change in January.

I had a fairly tumultuous month, so I'm feeling pretty good about how I handled my life in December.  Basically, dealing with the miscarriage, "trying" to get pregnant (sort of), plus too many daycare kids, Christmas and all of that.  That was a lot.  Perhaps in 2011, I'll try to remember that December isn't the month to begin a lot of new habits.  There is maybe a energetic reason that we set resolutions in January?

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