Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday : Week In Review

My week went by extremely fast.  I can hardly believe its Sunday and I'm wrapping up my week.

This week I started eating better and waking up early for yoga.  I woke up early 4 out of 5 mornings.  I'm feeling pretty good about that. I really realized how much I enjoy yoga and the day that I slept in I was much more tired than the other days. 

We made amazing progress with school work with Ethan this week.  He's starting to read simple words, I'm thrilled for him.  I can't wait until the world of words completely opens up for him.

We heard from the DMV about Ian's DUI this week.  His license was officially suspended for 90 days. Totally sucks.  The good news is that 90 days is the shortest amount of time.  Also the DMV case is civil and the burden of proof is lower than with the criminal case.  That means there is still a chance that the criminal charge will get reduced to an "impaired driving" ticket rather than a DUI charge.  I'm not completely clear on the logistics of that... but it seems to be what we're hoping for.

My goals for the upcoming week:
  • Yoga each weekday morning
  • Continue progress with Ethan's school
  • Start/Finish Emma's Halloween costume during the week
  • Start/Finish Ethan's Halloween costume over the weekend
  • Weed garden and pull up dead/dying summer plants

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