Monday, April 12, 2010

Change vs. Comfortability

I read this quote a few days ago on facebook.

Nothing can change when you are comfortable because comfort implies familiarity and the absence of change! But, when did anyone say that uncomfortable = unpleasant? Being willing to stretch beyond what is familiar to us to have something extraordinary could be called uncomfortable or it could be WILDLY EXCITING and ABOUT TIME!!

I thought it was well timed for me.  (As many of these quotes often are from this fanpage.) Its well timed because I read it as I was preparing myself for another round of WW.  I have a lot of self doubt rolling through my head over the last two days.  Before I start I'm always weighed down by thoughts of how hard its going to be, and how much work its going to be.  I question whether its worth the time and effort.   

This has got to be the 678,498,203th time that I've started WW, or something similar.  I'm sure many would argue that is the first indication that it doesn't work.  And maybe they're correct, its a possibility.  

But what I do know and know for certain - is that its worth taking that risk.  This time I'm focusing one day at a time and realizing that I can't change without being uncomfortable. This time I'm taking a risk.  I'm putting out the energy to create lasting change; not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.  

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