Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Little Bit of This... A Little Bit of That

I amaze myself. Not necessarily in a good way.

Sometimes, I'm truly amazed at the craziness that I invite into my life. This blog is an attempt to consolidate. I've been blogging.. not entirely faithfully or successfully for almost a year. I started as a way to market my business. The problem lies in that, I no longer operate that business. I tried my hand as a "mommy blogger". I'm not sure that is really good enough for me. Or perhaps its that its me thats not good enough for mommy blogging.

Then came the very short lived and now deleted weight loss blog on wordpress. I wanted to be anonymous. I didn't want my friends to know what diet I was doing... (its still a secret) That turned south very quickly and I found myself back to tried and true Weight Watchers. Then I thought, well how about a new weight loss blog, to weblog my Weight Watchers journing. Exciting, eh?

I was looking for new blog templates, you know the cute free ones all over the web? And I came to one called, a little of this, a little of that. I hated the layout. (Sorry) But I liked the name, I was intrigued. Why should I compartmentalize? Why can't I have a "Vanessa" Blog.

So, Little Bit of This.... A Little Bit of That.

You'll find posts about my family, my kids, my weight loss, my sewing, my book club, my daycare. In short... you'll find posts about me. My life. My way.

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