Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Healthy You Challenge Week One

Well, here I am. I'm starting this challenge a week into actually starting WW again. I'm also planning on the "Give A Gift" (GAG) Challenge starting September 1st. That one is a bit scary. I'm supposed to post a picture of my scale reading AND (as if that wasn't enough) starting body shots.

But I'm really excited to get into a community. Its part of what works with WW, going to the meetings, getting the support. But, this time around, we simply do not have the money to pay for it. Its not a matter of priorities, its a matter of necessity. Its just not there.

So, my first of WW, I lost 3 pounds, for a total of 9 pounds total. My ticker doesn't change. I lost a little more, but camping, I did gain it back.

To start a new week, I'm making sure to journal, stay within my points, eat lots of fruit and veggies. I need to focus on water this week to. I've fallen into a bad habit of drinking too much coffee and diet soda. Need to push the water.

I started my day today with some yoga. Felt so great. I always forget how much I love sweating through a yoga sequence. Love it. I'll definitely make it up by 6:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Hoping for a good WW week!


  1. Hi Vanessa! Welcome to the HYC Challenge! It keeps me accountable.. just knowing i have to check in on Tuesdays.. also a great way to find similar blogs.

    Thanks for stopping by mine today! I appreciate it! Love your pics.. you're beautiful, and love the idea of your blog. Mine's kinda the same.. a little bit of this n' that. :) Right now, mostly weightloss focused.. but it's my life blog.

    I look forward to following you now and then!


  2. Hi Vanessa! Welcome to the HYC and thanks for visiting my blog. I like the way you post your monthly goals right on your blog - good way to keep yourself on track. I might have to try that.

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog, fellow eater. Sounds like you're doing great. Keep it up. I did WW awhile back - I liked it but damn, girl, for an eater, it was no fun. That is just not enough calories for me!! Oh, and about drinking water (I think that was in your previous post), one of the ways I get myself to drink more is that I drink (slam, really) two 16.9 oz water bottles before I even leave the house in the morning. Yes, it makes me pee for awhile but lately, I've been doing THREE bottles (I also exercise in the morning so it helps that I am gasping for water, of course) and I swear, I think the peeing is slowing down. My body is adjusting - imagine that. Okay - have a great week. I am going to EAT now.

  4. Welcome to HYC! I know you will find a ton of motivation from everyone. I checked out the GAG challenge and it looks great, I might have to check it out!