Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday - Converting Long Sleeves

I thought this might be a little too much of a common sense idea to post a tutorial. But I posted something about changing my kids shirts to t-shirts on Facebook, and lo and behold, someone actually sent me a personal message asking me how to do it.

So, for those wondering. Here we go. :)

Step One: Gather Materials.

Long Sleeve Shirt? Check.
Scissors? Check.
Strait Edge? Check.
Matching Thread? Check.
Marker? Check - but out of the picture, because they are kept out of the reach of children at almost all cost.

Step Two: Fold shirt in half, taking care to line up the seams. Lay flat on the cutting mat.

Step Three: Decide your sleeve length. I like to cut about 4 inches from the shoulder for my 4 years old's shirts and about 3 for my daughters.

Step Four: Take your strait edge and marker and draw a line where you will be cutting the sleeve.

Step Five: Put the marker back into hiding.

Step Six: Cut the Shirt. On the line.

Step Seven: Hem the shirt. Because its a cotton jersey - a knit - you don't have to hide the seam (by folding twice). You can just fold it under and sew a hem on the sleeve.

Step Eight: Repeat on other side.

Enjoy Spring & Summer!

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