Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Tech Saavy Hubby... he's helping me get up to date and pretty. Its still in the beginning stages, but we are working on it.

My son's preschool. He's learning and growing and so happy there. I'm so grateful that we found a good preschool fit.

My sewing machine. I know, sort of strange.. but I pimped out my cloth diapers this weekend. I took prefolds and made "prefitteds" with this tutorial. I love the trim fit of the prefitted, and Emma likes that she can go coverless at home. I also made egads of kitchen towels/rags and a bazillion cloth wipes. Go Me.

Sarah at Bean Inspired, awarded me the Sisterhood Award, which I posted about here.

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  1. I'd be thankful for a sewing machine as well.. Awesome.