Monday, March 9, 2009

Its March Already....

I can't believe its already March. Seems like just yesterday was New Years Eve. Thinking about what I've accomplished so far this year, and I start to come up empty with ideas.

But, I digress. I should give myself more credit than that. So, in a brave attempt at self promotion, since January 1st:

I have nearly doubled my blog's subscribers.

I have increased my website traffic almost three fold.

I have followed through on about 50% of my New Years Resolutions. Maybe its time to revisit those in more depth.

I have bought very little fabric since December 31st. In fact, excluding the fabric I ordered this week for a custom mei tai, I have only purchased 3 yards of fabric. (2 yards of fleece and 1 yard of PUL)

I have been keeping up with my house better than ever. Again, Thank You Flylady.

I have been featured in two treasuries now.

My sales have been steady; including my etsy shop, hyena cart and local sales. I'm pretty happy with where I am here, considering my low level of promotion.

For the rest of the year?

Well, I am just getting more and more busy.

My husband started a landscaping company. He is away from home a lot as he gets his business off the ground. He is already finding some success and I'm very proud of him. But let's be honest, the more time that my husband spends away from home, the less time I have to work on Michael Grace Designs; from a sewing or promotion standpoint.

I have decided to open a home daycare and I am in process of getting my license already. I'm hoping that by the end of April that I will be up and running with that. Its a slow process, I didn't realize when I set out. But I am very excited about this.

But, Michael Grace Designs isn't going away. In March/April, I'm teaming up with my MDCEtsy Street team for a Spring Promotion/Giveaway! You know I'll be posting more about that in the near future.

I'm hoping to stock my Hyena Cart at least monthly, hopefully twice a month. I will be stocking two new mei tais and a pouch this Sunday, March 15th.

I'm hoping to team up with some other Mommy Bloggers to do some sort of Mother's Day giveaway. Not sure about this yet.

As you can see, I have big dreams for myself, my business, my time. I get rather excited just thinking about it.


  1. sounds like you have exciting things ahead, good luck with all that you hope to accomplish. seeing all that you have done since the 1st of the year, i have no doubt that you can do it all + more!

    i'm in, by the way. :)

  2. Wow! That is a lot in a few months!!! You have been busy!