Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

1. A husband who loves me.
2. Good friends. Especially those friends that ask me to push the limits of my comfort zone.
3. My sweet children, who are teaching me more about what's important than I would have thought possible.
4. Home baked bread. (Is it going to be a theme of mine that I give thanks for my indulgence of the week?)

That is all. Today, I'm resting and trying to catch up.... feeling like I always play catch up too.


  1. Thanks so much for swinging by my blog and leaving the nice comment! I'm off to snoop around a bit more, your blog is so cute!

  2. I am thankful for you as well!!!
    Don't you love how I assume #2 is about me? :)

  3. Um, Laura, #2 TOTALLY about you. No question. :)

  4. Great list! Those special friends who make you a better you are one in a million!

    Happy Thanksgiving thursday!

  5. i'm thanking you too for something over at my blog

  6. :)
    I love that NOTHING is TMI for our friendship.
    Love ya bunches.

  7. Great list!!! Yumo - fresh baked bread sound delicious!!!

    So glad you read "Our Story" - I had fun writing it and reliving those memories. And Emma Grace is a beautiful name so cool that you have an Emma Grace too. (My Emma Grace had "E.G.G." intials and I feel bad about that but just loved the name!)