Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My New Light Box

I have been writing on Facebook about this, so some of you might know. I am so stinkin' excited...

Ian and I built a HUGE light box over the weekend. For those who aren't "in the know" a light box is a tool used to take pictures without shadows. Here is an example of a small light box:

Well my finished products are quite a bit larger than a flower, so I decided to create a really big light box. But I'm not so much the building/planning type (I guess unless it relates to sewing and fabric). I'm much more the get a really great idea and then ask for help to implement it.

So, I did come up with the idea to use PVC pipe, and then I even found a tutorial on how to build it. But - really I just asked my dear husband for his help. He even made all the hardware store trips without me!

I did help build it, and I outfitted it with coverings. It was definitely a team effort and I could not have done it without Ian's help.

Anyway - on to the photographs... Here is the frame after we built it. I can't find the picture that I took, so I stole Ian's.

Now this morning, I put it all together. Got the shop lights to work from above... I still will probably get some flood lights to use, but for now its working pretty well. This is starting to come together... note the cutest helper ever.

Here is the finished light box. I did buy some fabric. (OMG - alert the fabric police) I bought a piece of fleece for the backdrop. The sides are sheets, but I really need something wrinkle free for the backdrop and I had absolutely nothing solid that was that big.

I'm quite stoked. I'm sharing, because I know you are too.


  1. Will it take shadow free pics with kids too? :0)

  2. I was also going to suggest that you put one of the little ones with he things you made for them in there.
    Very awesome project.

  3. Very good point, Ariel! I'll have to try that!

  4. this is very cool, i was thinking of doing something similar, but was stuck with lighting issues. Shop lights! Who knew?! Thank you!

  5. Yep! Shop lights! And I am planning to get some flood lights that could clamp to the frame for the lighting on the side. That would finish up the project for me. :)