Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Cheap Mama

Homemade No More Tears Detangler Spray

I know. I know. First, I know that this falls under common sense. I get that. But I never thought of this. And I actually had to Google homemade detangling spray.

1. Fill Up Old Detangling Spray with water.
2. Squirt a little bit of conditioner (maybe about the same amount that you would use to condition your hair)
3. Shake

My dear husband wanted to know why I didn't just put conditioner in my lovely daughter's hair. Well. Because then I would have to wash it out. And I wouldn't get to post this super cheap common sense tip on my blog.


  1. OOOOooo, thank you for sharing! I will totally do this! Every little bit counts!

    I have never even thought about googling that! You smartie!

  2. Aww thanks, but I actually think having to google that makes me a bit less of a smartie. :)