Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Kids Bed

Our playroom/office/craft room has been feeling a little cramped lately. I got a new desk and I set it up for me about a month ago. Ian got a new desk too, but we haven't had room to set it up yet. Our futon has been in the playroom since the beginning of time, but it was time to find new a home for it.

Yesterday, Ian and I decided to take some action. We moved the futon to the kids bedroom and moved the crib out! Ethan's bed was upgraded to the futon. My guitar hero Ethan is now a very big boy, in a bed large enough for both his parents. :) And my sweet baby girl is sleeping in a toddler bed. My goodness, can someone please SLOW DOWN TIME!

They both slept great last night. The ultimate reward for me? Emma woke up this morning and walked into our bedroom to snuggle. I didn't have to go get her - she came to me. I might be singing a different tune in a couple weeks when she's coming to our bed at all hours of the night. But today, my sweet children are getting bigger and its a smidge bittersweet for me.

p.s. The quilt on Ethan's bed was created by my mom, Barbara. Its a rockin' quilt made from "guitar hero" flannel. Ethan absolutely loves it!

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