Saturday, January 17, 2009

High School

I've got a problem. I'm addicted to Facebook. I know, I'm behind the curve here. But I'm still addicted. I'm connecting with high school friends and I find myself considering attending my high school reunion. Ten years... this summer. How did I get to be so old?

I mean seriously though, I'm not really the type of person that would attend their high school reunion. Really. And if you know me, and you know about my tumultuous teenage years... its not that hard to figure out why I am not really attending my high school reunion.

Its not that I don't like the people that I went to high school with, because I do. I remember them with kindness. Those that I graduated with, I went to school with for five or six years, less that eventful 16 months that I wasn't in public school.

No, its not that I don't like them... its that I am fairly certain that they don't like me. And really, we are talking about nice people here. (Absolutely nice, not sarcastically nice) Why would they remember me with anything but um, distrust? I don't know. But I wasn't a nice person in high school.

I just wasn't. I wish that I was. I wish that I actually participated in healthy high school activities. My best friend in 7th grade, you know before everything went down hill, ended up a high school cheerleader. I could have been a cheerleader. I could have been a lot of different things, I guess.

Although, even though times are hard now, I do look back on my time after high school with extreme gratitude. I know I would not be where I am today if I had experienced a "normal" high school career. High school just feels like someone else's life. I'm so far removed from all of those experiences that I've forgotten people's names, people I thought I would remember forever. Oh well. Life has moved on. That is definitely a good thing?

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  1. Yes it is a good thing. And I TOLD YOU you'd be addicted. :O)